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Since 2001, the Stat-X Group has been actively and successfully involved in Europe-wide protection against uncontrolled electrostatic discharge (ESD) in the electronics processing industry.

Electronic components and products are becoming more optimized and smaller over time, creating higher requirements for consistent ESD protection.

All companies dealing directly or indirectly with electronic components or assemblies require comprehensive protective measures in accordance with IEC 61340-5-1. According to current information from electronic component manufacturers, these requirements will become even more stringent.

Stat-X's motto "Building on Knowledge" underlines our commitment to helping you choose products and use them correctly. Our wide range of products and services will help you create a continuous, self-contained chain of ESD protection from flooring to clothing to complete workstations and logistics solutions.

ESD range

Through results-oriented consulting, in which we carefully consider what makes sense and what is redundant, we help our customers set up and install a seamless chain of ESD protection. In addition, combined with quality products at fair market prices, we ensure that your ESD protection does not become an expensive affair.

We make sure that our products are produced according to ecological principles and under ethically sound conditions. However, as a European group, our supply chains cover the whole world. But our responsibility does not stop at the borders of Europe. Through audits and constant monitoring of products for a large number of properties, we also ensure that our suppliers meet the required standards. For example, in addition to measuring ESD properties and dimensions, we also perform a large number of chemical analyses. Among other things, the skin tolerance of gloves or the absence of harmful substances in tablecloths must be guaranteed.

On this website you can get to know the ESD range offered. After logging in, you can generate quotes or create an order directly.

At the same time, expert sales representatives are available for you to contact at any time.

Services in the ECJ

The ESD standard IEC 61340-5-1 provides for the establishment of an ESD control program plan with metrological qualification and periodic review of EPA safeguards. ESD protection is therefore an important element of quality assurance.

Stat-X offers you an inspection of your electronics or systems production according to the relevant standards for ESD protection, including the IEC 61340 series and the ESD Forum e.V.

The control of the ESD protection system follows the typical ISO 9000ff audit process.

In principle, the audit team should consist of 3 members: a quality specialist who is experienced in auditing, an ESD specialist who is very familiar with the subject matter, and a staff member who is familiar with the area being audited. Usually we conduct an on-site audit with your ESD coordinator. We support him with expert advice and measurement technology. A plan for the inspection and for the ESD measurements is set together in advance.

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