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ESD antistatic protection from real proffesionals

Our world is full of electronics...
They govern mobility, enable modern communication and save lives. In its various applications, electronics are omnipresent and often taken for granted. But a life without electronics is hardly possible. During the manufacture and assembly of all products containing electronics components, reliability and precision are decisive factors.

Electronic components are designed to have maximum operating potentials of only a few volts. Electrostatic charging, however, can cause potentials as high as several thousand volts!


Why us ?

Fully certified

All products do comply with CE certificates and related EN standards

Guarranteed Quality

All products are brand new and 100% tested prior release

Additional Benefits

Price reductions guarranteed for high volume purchases



Safety Strategies

In order to be able to guarantee that all products function as they should, the manufacturing process must be under constant surveillance. This surveillance has two equally important and necessary elements: a strategy to prevent malfunctions and compliance with an integrated ESD protection concept.

Building on years of experience, Stat-X helps you to successfully implement measures for safe production and reliable maintenance, to reduce error rates and ensure long-term customer satisfaction.